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Chillers and Coolers

Wine chillers and coolers come in several varieties. The traditional cooler is made of marble. When you put a well chilled bottle in the Marble, it will stay chilled for over an hour.

Other chillers are more active. Keep one of the various flexible blue ice chillers in the freezer, and then wrap it around the bottle. Preferably the bottle is already chilled. If not it will chill in about 5 minutes.

And the NEW Ice Bags are great for transporting an Ice Cold Bottle of Wine or Champagne.
Marble & Terra Cotta
Marble & Terra Cotta
Marble Wine Chillers, Marble Champagne Chillers, Terra Cotta Coolers
One - Two Bottle Chillers
One - Two Bottle Chillers
Party Tubs
Party Tubs

Wine Chillers & Coolers

Wine Essentials is your go to with our satisfaction guarantee. We supply the best wine chillers and party tubs for your needs. With our fantastic essentials that every wine aficionado should have. We supply everything that one may need to enjoy their beloved wine.

Champagne buckets are a must for serving your exquisite bottle of champagne. It is a true day of celebration when you enjoy the convenience of one of our aesthetically pleasing champagne buckets. Our stocks are certain to suit that fantastic party that you may be hosting in the near future.

Party tubs are an essential to any wine tasting or special occasion. They keep all of your bottles cool and add to the aesthetic value of your party. After all, you wouldn't drink wine out of a plastic cup. Enhance the aesthetic value of your party, by adding these stellar tubs to the table.

We offer wine chillers as well, for those special moments by the pool. Perhaps, you just want to get away from the world with a loved one with a bit. Wine chillers are the perfect compliment to a hot, sunny day. It is perhaps one of our most enjoyable drinks to share with your loved ones. You just set your beloved bottle of wine into one of these chillers, add ice and relax in the moment.

Whether it be to commemorate a anniversary, promotion or private enjoyment, we hope to offer the finest enjoyment in our drinks. We take pride in our quality wines, from the grapes to the bottle. If it is a moment worth savoring, try some of our fantastic wine beverages for your next special occasion.

With our large selection of Chillers, Including Marble, Terracotta, Acrylic, Cold Wraps, Ice Bags, and more we are sure you will find what you need! FAST FREE SHIPPING over $25.00