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Rogar Wine Openers

Rogar Wine Openers are made by Rogar International. All Rogar Openers need to be attached to a Stand, a Tripod, or a Bar Shelf to work. We suggest you order a Rogar with a stand!

Rogar Wine openers are very easy to use, and very effective in opening. The Worm or Auger is user replaceable and the most common wear item.

Rogar International has been in business for many years. The company has always provided quality wine bottle openers that are a functional compliment to any kitchen, and if you have just remodeled your kitchen, they provide a great look appearance-wise as well. They are made of quality materials that last for years and look quite good.

Rogar Wine Bottle Openers & Standing Cork Screws

Whether you are a wine connoisseur yourself or know someone who is, you really can't go wrong with a Rogar. These openers are stylish and high quality. They are not overpriced, however, they are not cheap either, so if you're stuck trying to find an appropriate gift for just about anyone that enjoys wine, these are a good bet. They look good in your home as well, and your guests could never call you cheap or tacky for owning one.

The Rogar Look

When you are looking for a kitchen accessory that makes a statement, these wine bottle openers will do this for you. The look they offer is classic and gentile and they work well with any décor. Some Rogars are made from materials such as white granite, antique bronze and evergreen granite.

Keep Rogar in Mind

You must use Rogar wine openers with a tripod or stand. You cannot use any of their openers alone. Most of the tripods you will find will feature high quality wood like cherry and you can purchase them where you purchase the opener. If you're buying your Rogar as a gift, be sure to buy a stand as well.