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Favorite Kitty Cat Wine Glass Charm from My Glass Charms 83-008 Favorite Kitty Cat Wine Glass Charm from My Glass Charms 83-008
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Cats & Dogs

Probably our most popular category of wine charms. Cats and Dogs wine glass markers.
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Favorite Kitty Cat Wine Glass Charm from My Glass Charms 83-008
Favorite Kitty Cat Wine Glass Charm from My Glass Charms 83-008
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Dog & Cat Wine Glass Charms & Markers

Wine charms are wine essentials. They are ideal accessories to have at every party, whether the event is small or large, casual or formal, or just a simple get-together. Wine charms virtually guarantee the host and/or hostess won’t lose their glass of wine while busy tending to their duties as they oversee the party. Perhaps even more important, wine charms also guarantee guests won’t misplace or lose their own wine glasses while busy socializing and having fun. Wine charms are wonderful accessories to any wine-centered event. The charms consist of different decorative lockets (the “charm”) that hang, usually on a ring, and encircle the wineglass stem. The individual charms identify the glass as belonging to the individual using that glass. We have a great variety of fun dog and cat charms to choose from.

These adorable charms come in sets of six Cat and Dog Charms. The Cat Charms come painted and unpainted. If you enjoy bright colors, the painted ones are a great choice while the unpainted charms are a little more elegant and pretty. The Cat Charms reflect the quirky personality of cats and their mischievous and loving natures. The Dog Charms are brightly painted and reflect dogs’ happy character the love they bring to their owners. Whether you choose the cat or dog charms from Wine Essentials, your friends and family will be enchanted when they see these wonderful charms hanging off their wine glasses.

Dog and cat wine charms make terrific gifts for animal lovers and wine lovers with fun-loving personalities. They’re ideal for the person well-versed in wine accessories and knowledgeable about wine. For the individual who has just begun learning about wine, wine charms from Wine Essentials are ideal gifts, particularly for cat and dog owners. Wine gifts can be presented to anybody for any occasion like birthdays, anniversaries, and even as wedding favors. They also make great gifts to business associates and colleagues. These wine charms are also a terrific souvenir for out-of-town guests. Wine Essentials is the ideal place to shop for a wonderful array of wine charms, wine accessories and wine gifts.