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How to Choose A Wine Rack

Posted by Carlos on 7/31/2013 to Cool Wine Accessories
If you're planning on purchasing a new wine rack, either for yourself or as a gift, there are a number of different aspects of the wine rack you should consider first. Right off the bat, you should have a good idea where in your home the wine rack will be displayed. Will it be a floor standing wine rack unit, or a countertop wine rack? Maybe, if space is really tight, a wall-mounted or hanging wine rack?

How Wine Has Evolved Throughout History

Posted by Melissa on 7/30/2013 to Cool Wine Accessories
Wine has been an integral part of agriculture, cuisine, and social occasions for thousands of years. Exactly how we make, store, and use wine has changed and developed through the years.

Preparing for A Party: Getting Your Bar Ready

Posted by Bryan on 7/26/2013 to Hosting a Wine Tasting
If you are setting up a wet bar in your home, or just enjoy entertaining company over cocktails, then one of the things you should consider is which bar tools and accessories you need to own.

Selecting The Proper Wine Glass

Posted by Bryan on 7/25/2013 to Choosing a Wine Glass
To truly appreciate a good wine, one must experience it in full; the flavor, aroma, texture, and color are indicative of a wine's age, origin, grape variety, and other distinguishing characteristics. Wine glasses are designed and specifically shaped to best capture each wine's subtle complexities.

Wine Wedding Favors: A Necessity

Posted by Joe on 7/24/2013 to Cool Wine Accessories
Show me a wedding where no wine is being served, and I'll show you a wedding that probably isn't worth attending. Wine is simply the perfect fit for weddings, adding even more class and elegance - as well as enjoyability - to your big day. If you are involved in the planning of an upcoming wedding, one of the things you should really consider are including wine wedding favors as part of the festivities.

Wine Stoppers: A Wine Aficionado's Necessity

Posted by Carlos on 7/23/2013 to Wine Stoppers
The exquisite wine bought for a special occasion usually is accompanied by a cork, which one can struggle to open, often destroying the cork in the process. Most, after the wine is poured, will replace the cork to preserve the essence of the wine.

2012 Waterstone Sauvignon Blanc

Posted by Norm Bentley on 7/12/2013 to Hosting a Wine Tasting
A few nights back the "Chardonnay Queen" prepared her famous Shrimp Scampi for us, and we opened a bottle of the 2012 Waterstone Sauvignon Blanc from Napa Valley to further enhance this wonderful meal. It was a good choice! The Waterstone is actually a blend of 82% Sauvignon Blanc and 18% Semillon, which gives it a little of the character of a white Bordeaux. The nose is refreshing with a suggestion of citrus and herbs. On the palate the wine has the presence of apple, melon, and a little taste of lemon zest. There is also a mild flirtation with grapefruit, without any tart undertones. The finish is crisp and clean, with a hint of mineral in the background, but very little lingering aftertaste. The alcohol content is 13.7%.

This wine would pair well with most seafood dishes, and would be a good accompaniment to most summer salads. Norm's score is 87.
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