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Aerators and Decanters

There is no question that Aeration improves the taste and nose of wines. There are many opinions about the best way to aerate wines.

One question we always are asked is whether both White and Red wines improve with aeration. The general opinion is that both can improve with Aeration, but the improvement is more pronounced with Red Wines--especially the "Big" reds such as Burgundy.

As far as what is the best way to Aerate, most experts still say decanting is the best if you have the time.

Typically Decanters are "Pear" shaped, and have a capacity much larger than a single bottle of wine. After you pour the wine into the decanter, the design provides a large surface area of the wine to be in contact with the air.

Pour Through Aerators
Pour Through Aerators
Bottle Attached Aerators
Bottle Attached Aerators

Aerating Wine Brings Out the Full Flavor and Aroma

All red wine should be Aerated before serving. If you do not drink the entire bottle, the pour through aerators are best because you have not added air the the part of the bottle you are saving. Wine Essentials offers aerators and decantors to help you fully enjoy any bottle of wine. Aerators and decantors can enhance wine by improving the taste and smell of wine through exposing it to air. Red wines in particular improve with aeration although most experts agree that both red and white wines can benefit from it.

Wine Aerators

Wine Essentialsí aerators help users aerate their beverages quickly for immediate enjoyment. Using a pour-through aerator or bottle-attached aerator allows you to aerate wine as you pour it into a serving glass. Although wine decanters are recommended for the fullest flavor, wine aerators are advantageous because there is no need to wait before drinking the freshly opened bottle of wine and because wine can be prepared in individual servings as you go. Select an aerator and then simply pour and enjoy. A selection of styles appropriate for at-home use is available here so that you can prepare your next glass of wine with ease and finesse.

Wine Decanters

Decanters are the traditional method for aerating wine, and remain the most highly recommended method. Aerators can speed up the process, but decanters allow the wine to aerate over time by providing a large surface area for the wine they holds.

Decanters provide a large surface area with their pear shape, and their slender necks allow users to close the container with a ball stopper or other lid when desired.

Metrokane offers a combination aerator and decanter model, the Super-Aerating Decanting System, which is in stock here at Wine Essentialsí to provide users with the option of using both aeration methods.