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Wine Tasting Protocol

Posted by steven on 2/20/2014 to Wine Tasting

Most everyone enjoys having a glass of good wine now and then, but to wine connoisseurs, drinking wine is an art form to be taken quite seriously.  Wine should be poured into a clear glass and held in front of a white background, so that you can thoroughly examine the color.  Even with the same type of wine, the color can vary quite a bit.  White wines can have a tint that is from light green to brownish.  A browner tinge usually indicated age and more flavor.  Red wines tend to become lighter in color with age.  Interestingly enough, just as red wine improves with age, the process of aging can actually ruin many whites.


First, before you take a drink of your wine, swirl your glass around to release the different flavors and allow as much air to come in contact with the surface of the wine.  Next, smell it.  Believe it or not, but research shows that smelling it beforehand will enhance the way it tastes, once you do take a sip.  Smelling the wine allows your taste buds to pick up the subtle nuances of the wine.  You can either take a quick sniff and then sit back to ponder your first impression of the wine, or you can take a paused, longer smell before allowing it to make an impression, and then take a swig immediately afterward.  You can additionally just take a long, deep smell.  Try doing both and see what you like the most.  You really should not drink a wine before you have first allowed your senses to take it in.


Now is the time to take a sip of your wine.  Allow it to linger in your mouth and on your taste buds while gently swishing it around inside of your mouth, allowing it to come in contact with all of your taste buds, including those on the underside of your tongue.  Doing it this way will allow you to taste more of the wine’s flavor.  You can even try to draw in a little air as you swish.  Try to notice the full body of the wine and it’s attributes.  Take a moment to ponder what you have just tasted before going in for your second sip.


These customs are actually for a reason and a purpose, and are not just showy and grand gestures.  Try drinking your next glass of wine this way and see how it works for you!

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