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Wine Away Cleaner

Wine Away is the Original Wine Stain Remover. All Organic and Safe on any Carpet or fabric. IT REALLY WORKS! The totally natural and organic way to clean wine stains for clothing, carpets, napkins or almost any fabric.

A nice glass of merlot or pinot noir can be really enjoyable when you’re trying to unwind after a long day at work or you are entertaining guests. What’s not so nice is when you accidentally knock over your glass and spill the wine all over your carpets or your favorite slacks. Wine stains are among the toughest to get out, and many a beautiful blouse has had to hit the garbage heap after an unfortunate accident. Our Wine Away cleaner is the original wine stain remover. The organic formula is safe to use on any carpet or fabric, so you’ll only strip out the wine stain, not the color in the fabric or the structural integrity of the garment. Keep your linens, table cloth, clothing and carpets free from stains, whether the party got rowdy or someone just got too eager reaching for the next glass of wine and knocked over the bottle.
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