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What are Wine Aerators?

Posted by Carlos on 6/17/2013 to Aerating Wine
Hailed by gadget lovers and wine connoisseurs since 2007, aerators reduce the amount of time to allow the wine to breathe. For most, enjoying wine earlier after opening the bottle is more enchanting and desirable. By expanding the surface area, the wine mixes with air quickly resulting in a reduced tannin and smoother finish. Red wines may benefit from breathing up to two hours. Normally, wine that is bottled after 5-10 years should breathe for thirty minutes. All wines benefit from swirling in a glass. Aeration does this in a manner of seconds.
Perfect for casual dining occasions, when there is no time for wine to breathe. Wine aerators are for those distinguishing palates with tight schedules that don't want to compromise the flavor by drinking wine before the ventilation has expanded the aromatic profile.
Several wine aerators are available on the market. There are funnel aerators that are placed between the glass and bottle and then there are neck attachments that aerate as it leaves the wine bottle. Both allow pouring drinks in style. Some aerators are made for red wines and others for white. Still more work for either beverage.
When you let wine breathe or expose it to a wine aerator, oxygen mixes with the wine. Oxidizng improves wine but it also kills it. Older wines have already aged so too much wine aeration will do more harm than good.
Typically for at home use, aerators allow for individual servings of wine. Great for wine tasting parties, enthusiasts can try with and without an aerator.
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