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Silver Flex-Seal Bottle Stopper from Franmara FR-8165-B Silver Flex-Seal Bottle Stopper from Franmara FR-8165-B
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Bar Tools: A Love Story

Posted by Bryan on 4/11/2013
It began right after I built my home bar. I stared at my tool shelf with anticipation. I had a combination foil cutter/corkscrew/bottle opener and an ice bucket. Soon it overflowed with gadgets. I loved corkscrews with bone and horn handles. I bought twenty. For difficult corks I had seven lever type steel openers to select. I disliked plastic. It would crack and chip becoming a hazard. I loved ice balls instead of cubes. Less surface area so my mixed drinks wouldn't dilute as quickly. I had seven different ice presses.

My home bar had dozens of wine stoppers in every material or shape. To keep my wines fresh. The vacuum sealers from VacuVin were godsends. I had fourteen aerators. The ones that could hang from the bottle kept wine chilled nicely while still letting my reds breathe for enhancement. I had to have every drip ring, decanting funnel, glass or bottle charm and thermometer I saw.

My wife said it had to end. I couldn't see the home bar under the tools any more. I ended it by keeping one each of my bar tools. You gotta have the basics after all.

Learn more and shop for your own set of bar tools.
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